10 Fun Ways to Use Mexican Blankets

5th Jan 2024

Mexican blankets have recently surged in popularity among consumers,and one reason is their versatility. Originating with the introduction of Churro sheep to Mexico and the Southwest United States, these narrow blankets or rugs are often referred to as serapes, or sarapes. The original blankets made of Churro wool grabbed dye extremely well, so they came to be known for their variety of colors; some are bright and cheerful while others are more muted to reflect the readily available materials of their geographic origin. Modern Mexican blankets are inexpensive and durable, so they work well as rugs in high traffic areas or as home decor.

The following uses of Mexican blankets show how they can add fun or flair to your day:

1. Go Camping

The fibers that make up a Mexican blanket are rugged and durable, so they make excellent resting places outdoors. Lay them around a campfire for padding on the hard ground, and to protect clothes from dirt and debris. Some children may find it especially fun to sleep on one, like a cowboy might have.

2. Work Out

Mexican blankets are being marketed as yoga mats because, well, they make really great yoga mats. They are thick enough to soften the hard ground and they stay put while you perform your exercises. And don't just reserve them for yoga, because Mexican blankets are great for core exercises like planks and sit-ups or for strength training work like push ups and squat jumps. They can serve as bolsters if needed,as well.

3. Hang 'Em

Like the expensive Persian rugs, Mexican blankets are often hung or displayed on walls as a decorative centerpiece in a Southwest-style interior space. Their bright colors can serve as tie-in for multiple color schemes in a great room or as the attention-getter in a neutral-colored space.

4. Walk it out

Mexican blankets make for great rugs for the same reason they make great yoga mats. Their padding and their texture help soften a floor. Additionally, their color schemes hide dirt a lot better than more traditional patterns or colors, which means they can be used in high-traffic areas.

5. Dinner for Two

Get outside with a picnic basket and lounge in the grass on a durable Mexican blanket that won't pick up grass stains. Their texture makes them easy to fold and comfortable to lay on. They also shake out dirt really well so you won't bring any back to the car.

6. Go Riding

Mexican blankets were originally used as saddle blankets for horses and donkeys, and they still function well in this role. It is not uncommon to see experienced riders using a Mexican blanket under the saddle, especially since they are sold in tack stores and their patterns used in horse show blankets.

7. Table Cover

The narrowness of the Mexican blanket makes it an excellent table runner or small side table cover. Their color and pattern serve a Southwestern style interior especially well, while at the same time protecting the table from scratches and dings.

8. Snuggle Up

What are all blankets used for? Well, Mexican blankets also serve an obvious purpose in keeping people warm. On cold winter nights their heaviness makes them ideal to protect against the freezing weather.Put it on your bed at night or snuggle up on the couch while watching television.

9. Throw It

They can be great decorative throws; in fact, serving as a throw combines their decorative and functional purpose and proves how versatile they can be.

10. Play On

The versatility of Mexican blankets makes them perfect for use as play mats for toddlers or children. Bring them along to any play date to protect babies from germs on the ground or floor, or toss them over a table and chairs to make a fort. If you like the colors and patterns of a traditional Mexican blanket, then why just buy one? Their versatility will make you wish you had more blankets to sit on when you picnic with your family outside, or maybe you will want to keep one in the car for emergencies and one at home for play dates since they are so easy to clean. With a wide array of cool color combinations, you will appreciate the fun and utility they bring to any home or outing.