Yoga Blankets

You’ve just signed up for a new yoga class and tonight is the first session. You’ve been looking forward to learning some new Sarvangasana moves and maybe practicing an old shoulder stand or two, but you don’t want to come across as a show-off in front of the class. Or worse – start into one of your moves and fall on your face! These are the thoughts running through your mind as you roll out your favorite Yoga Blanket from

These blankets are real dazzlers, with bright patterns and colors ranging from Terracotta to Turquoise. And as you roll yours out you notice the admiring eyes of some of your classmates. Cool! And you feel secure knowing you’ll be working out on one of the softest, strongest yoga blankets anywhere. has a wide range of soft, vibrant Yoga Blankets, as well as a complete collection of authentic Mexican serapes, ponchos, Baja Hoodies and other related products.