Vera Cruz

Vera Cruz (72" x 50", 2.8 lbs.) - Tight weave and finished look. Because of the tight weave, they are not as fluffy soft as others. They do get softer each wash. Great for Yoga, the beach and home decor. Popular. 

La Montana Classic (74" x 50", 2.4 lbs.) - Our most popular blanket. Classic Mexican blanket look and feel. Durable and Soft. Also gets even softer each wash.

Cozumel Classic (74" x 52", 2.2 lbs.) - New.  Very similar to the La Montana. The Cozumel is even a bit softer because of the looser weave and lighter weight.

Cozumel Heavy Weight (76" x 57", 3.2 lbs.) - New. Our best Mexican Blanket. Dense, soft and durable with a Classic Mexican Blanket look.


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