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I suppose you’re wondering how a company with the nation’s largest selection of Mexican Blankets and Baja Hoodies just appeared out of thin air.

Well sit back, relax, wrap yourself up in one of our warm Mexican Serapes and let me tell you the story. Now, just picture this. We’re walking along the outer perimeter of a small central square in a quaint village in southern Mexico. The square is lined with colorful merchant stalls filled with all manner of delightful hand crafted products, including wonderfully thick, colorful blankets, serapes and hoodies.

Russ, the owner of MexicanBlankets.com is with us and he’s explaining how some of these same beautiful, vibrantly colored blankets, hoodies and serapes came to be sold by his company, back in the good old USA. He tells us that it all happened by accident. He had launched SunshineYoga.com back in 2009 and offered, in addition to yoga mats, Mexican blankets. In early 2010, a blanket manufacturer in Mexico contacted Russ and, after several trips to Old Mexico, they developed a line of blankets and other products in vibrant color combinations that are unavailable anywhere else.

After starting MexicanBlankets.com, Russ lowered his prices to be the most competitive merchant in the business. Soon his Mexican blanket business was thriving. People flocked to his website to take advantage of the wonderful selection, colors, and prices.

Well, you can see why. Imagine lying on a thick, beautiful, Mexican blanket while the sound of the warm surf crashes nearby, or sitting with a picnic basket and bottle of wine while you listen to some great outdoor music, or wearing a warm Baja Hoodie as you stroll along the beach at sunset.

You can’t get more authentic Mexican than this. Just compare the quality and price of the blankets and hoodies in that village stall over there with what’s available on the MexicanBlanket.com website. I know! Our village market is much bigger and our quality and prices are better.

Take advantage of our fantastic selection of authentic Mexican blankets and related products, at our low prices. Go to MexicanBlankets.com and order today! Gracias!
Often the fastest and easiest way to contact us is through e-mail us at orders@mexicanblankets.com. We respond to most e-mails within 1 business day.
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