Not only does MexicanBlankets.com offer free shipping on orders over $50 and everyday low prices, but we also offer powerful wholesale incentives for our valued customers who buy in larger quantities. Just take a look at the fantastic volume discounts listed below. You can purchase blankets for as low as $8.99 on our sister site SunShineYoga.com. For a quote of 100 or more blankets or bajas you can also e-mail us at mexicanblanketshelp@gmail.com, please include your shipping address and approximate quantity. No matter how you buy from us, we are pretty awesome....

Why, our everyday low ‘open-air-market’ prices are the volume discounted prices of our competitors. But even beyond our low everyday prices, you’ll find our wholesale prices are incredibly low. Maybe you’re wondering how we can possibly sell them for such little dinero? Well, it’s because we know exactly where to buy in old Mexico. Si, mi amigo, it’s true.

You see, we searched for years before we finally found every small, out of the way, sleepy village zocolo and open-air marketplace that sells these top quality products. It would take most people years to find these same market stalls. They’d have to ask in every dusty cantina from here to Chiapas!

Then we negotiated very fair, but very low prices with the actual craftspeople that make these fabulous hand-crafted products, and then passed the savings on to you. Why, you could buy from us in quantity at our wholesale prices and sell the products again at retail, and still be below our competitors! ¡Ay, caramba! No kidding, we’re serious.

And the products themselves? Fact is, these plush Mexican blankets, Baja hoodies, Serapes and Serape Ponchos are the best you can buy anywhere. So, let’s see. The best Mexican blankets and related products at the lowest prices. What could be better?

Email us today at mexicanblanketshelp@gmail.com to learn more.
EVERY DAY VOLUME DISCOUNTS (E-Mail us for a custom quote):

$9.99 shipping for orders under $50.

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You can purchase online right now with the above discount codes and free shipping or you can contact us for a custom quote. The custom quote would not include free shipping, but if your volume warrants, it can be cheaper. Please contact us at mexicanblanketshelp@gmail.com or visit our sister site SunShineYoga.com for online wholesale offers.

Often the fastest and easiest way to contact us is through e-mail us at mexicanblanketshelp@gmail.com. We respond to most e-mails within 15 minutes during business hours and often within hours during non-business hours.
Our hours are M-F,  9:30 am to 3:30 pm EST. We do respond to e-mails outside of business hours.  
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