Purchase Orders

MexicanBlankets.com accepts purchase orders from a range of enterprises, including schools, hospitals and universities. Although we limit the number of purchase orders in order to keep our prices low, submitting purchase orders for approval is very easy. Just email the PO to mexicanblanketshelp@gmail.com or fax to 888-803-6248.

Even with purchase orders, feel free to take advantage of our volume pricing for orders of $50 or more. We also offer free shipping for orders over $50, and our volume discounts are clearly listed next to each item. We are a small company with gigante-sized product selection, but because we’re small we can offer personalized service. You can contact us any time for a custom quote as well.

MexicanBlankets.com uses the standard shopping cart feature, allowing you to verify shipping charges while viewing your order in the cart and again prior to the final checkout.

In addition, you can rest easy in the knowledge that MexicanBlankets.com is sales tax free. Except for people in North Carolina, we do not charge sales tax. NCs can send in a sales certificate to order without sales tax.

There are so many great reasons to enjoy our wonderful products that ordering in volume with a purchase order only increases the enjoyment. Why not order at one time for your family and friends and take advantage of our volume discounts.
Often the fastest and easiest way to contact us is through e-mail us at mexicanblanketshelp@gmail.com. We respond to most e-mails within 1 business day.
Our hours are M-F,  9:30 am to 3:30 pm EST. We do respond to e-mails outside of business hours.  
E-Mail: mexicanblanketshelp@gmail.com 
You can fax your order to 1-888-803-6248
Our Address:
4824 Starcrest Drive
Monroe, NC 28110