Cascada Tan Solid Heavyweight Mexican Blanket

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Size:  Approximately 51" x 76"
Weight: 2.9+ lbs.
Material:  Acrylic Blend (Acrylic with Cotton and Polyester)
Made in Mexico
The air conditioning in your office building has been set on freezing for years, and you’re finally ready to do something about it besides wearing extra layers of sweaters. That’s right; it’s time to bring a blanket to work. Our La Cascada Tan Solid Mexican Yoga Blankets are one of our heavyweight styles, weighing 2.9+ lbs.
These blankets are soft and warm, and is the perfect blanket to have draped over the back of your office chair. It’s subtle, understated, and strictly business. The business of keeping you warm. You found this Tan Solid Heavy Weight Mexican Blanket on the website and knew right away it was just what you wanted. It’s soft and plush, and the extra heavy weight gives it the heft needed to keep you warm in that frigid office.
Care Instructions:  Hand or Machine wash in warm or cold water. Tumble dry with low heat. Adding softener when washing or a softener sheet in the dryer makes them feel great. Lint will go away after 1 or 2 washing. Be sure to empty your lint trap. Due to the authentic nature of the manufacturing process there may be loose strings. Simply remove these with a scissors or keep the rustic look.


DISCLAIMER:  Although we try to represent all of our products as accurately as possible, due to the nature of Mexican blankets, the tone of the colors can vary and may not match the photo exactly.