Cascada Melon Solid Heavyweight Mexican Blanket

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Melon Solid Heavy Weight Mexican Blanket. Measures approx. 76" long and 51" wide. Made In Mexico, Hand or Machine Wash Cold, tumble dry. Made of a blend of Acrylic, Poly, and Cotton fibers.  Weighs 3.0 to 3.2. Durable and gets softer with each wash.

There’s a little antique loveseat tucked beneath a bay window that doesn’t get a lot of light. It needs a dash of understated, soothing color that will invite people to have a seat and snuggle up.

I think we have a winner! This Melon Solid Heavy Weight Mexican Blanket from has just the right understated yet soothing color – and heavy weight – that invites people to cuddle under it. And best of all, it’s really soft and warm. This authentic Mexican blanket gets softer with each washing and is so durable it will last for many years. A real keeper!

This stunning blanket was made in Mexico from a blend of recycled fibers that include Acrylic, Poly and Cotton. Label says 100% Acrylic Blend because Acrylic is the most prevalent fiber.  There may be some initial lint or loose strings that may need to be cut, or left alone for a more authentic look.  But the blanket is durable and gets softer with each wash.