Cinco De Mayo

8th Jan 2024

You don’t have to be of Mexican heritage to love Cinco de Mayo. In this country it has become an excuse to celebrate and party just as Mardi Gras has spread beyond New Orleans. Plus, it’s a great way to enjoy the culture of Mexico.

Cinco de Mayo, which is naturally celebrated on the 5th of May, is a day that commemorates the Mexican militia’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla (La Batalla de Puebla) in 1852. In Mexico this is mostly a holiday celebrated in the city and state of Puebla rather than the entire country. The next biggest place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is in parts of this country that have a strong Mexican population.

There is a lot to think about in planning a Cinco de Mayo party. Of course there is the food, and a party like this is perfect for serving traditional Mexican dishes. What better tasty items to serve with them than margaritas and some chilled Mexican cerveza. Half the fun of planning a Cinco de Mayo party can be the decorating and choosing what to wear.

This is comes in. Yes, a website that sells yoga mats and other supplies for yoga can supply you with some of the items you need to make the perfect Cinco de Maya celebration. For years they have sold a wide selection of brightly colored Mexican blankets to be used as yoga mats. But there are lot of other ways to utilize these brightly colored fun blankets.

Sunshine Yoga Company has the largest inventory of Mexican blankets in the country. They are custom made in a tough snug weave and come in a huge variety of color combinations. They are comfortable for use as a yoga mat and washing them is a breeze. The price is such that you can afford as many as you need to toss over the chairs and sofas and hang on the wall at your Cinco de Mayo party. You can even use them as table covers to serve your Mexican salsas, dips, and other dishes on. Try draping them like a swag over the windows for an interesting window treatment.

Speaking of the great prices, in the tradition of Mexican Mercado’s, these blankets get cheaper the more you buy, so you can pick out as many as you want to complete your festive Mexican décor. These blankets are also large enough to be useful beyond party decorations. They measure 74 inches long and 50 inches wide, big enough to use on a bed or cover an entire couch. has more than just Mexican blankets to help with your springtime fiesta. You can choose from a selection of Mexican ponchos and serapes to use as your party garb.

Mexican serapes are large shawls that are normally made from sold, bright colors although they can be interwoven with brightly colored stripes as well. They are rectangular so they can be worn wrapped around the body and are generally fringed on the ends just like a Mexican blanket. Or you may prefer a traditional square poncho that has an opening through which to put your head.

Sunshine Yoga can’t help you with other fun fiesta decorating ideas like maracas, Mexican pots, and bouquets of brightly colored paper flowers. But for a reasonably priced supply of serapes, ponchos, and Mexican blankets, they are a sure bet to help you with these perfect additions to your Cinco de Mayo party.