Specialty Blankets

It’s the last Saturday in April and you can’t wait any longer. You gently roll the roadster out of hibernation and start driving south along the coast road, top down and hair flying. You don’t know where you’re headed or what you’ll be doing when you get there, but at least you’re prepared. You’ve made sure to pack a couple of beautiful Thunderbird Blankets from MexicanBlankets.com.   

If you’re shy, this may not be the blanket for you. After all, they do have a tendency to attract attention. These blankets are truly eye catching, with a bright thunderbird pattern standing out against the vibrant background color of the blanket. They seem to get a nice compliment whenever you spread one out. Let’s face it, that thunderbird pattern is classic, yet somehow always unique. It’s nice to have along whenever a soft, comfortable blanket is needed.

MexicanBlankets.com has a wide range of soft, vibrant Thunderbird Blankets, as well as a complete collection of authentic Mexican serapes, ponchos, Baja Hoodies and other related products.


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