Solid Color Mexican Blankets

You’ve driven for hours and finally arrived at the cabin, hidden deep in the wooded mountains. Even though it’s mid-April, you can still see your breath and snow still clumps around the rocks and tree trunks. You open the door and walk in, and the first thing you see when you flip on the lights are the folded heavy weight solid Mexican blankets. What a sight for sore eyes! You’d left them neatly folded last October and forgotten about them, but now you’re glad you left them out.

Our heavy weight solid blankets are the workhorse of blankets. They’re thick, warm and supple, and come in a wide variety of rich colors, from earth tones to pastels and everything in between. These are heavy blankets, made to do the serious work blankets are supposed to do - keep people warm.

At you’ll find a surprisingly large choice of these heavy weight blankets. Take a look. You’re sure to see something that catches your eye.