The Fundraising Program offers an innovative way for organizations to raise funds without creating burdens for their members. The program is very simple and a real win-win scenario, enabling charitable organizations to raise funds without placing a financial burden on themselves.

How to Make Money:
Before your next fundraising program begins, contact to discuss having us send you quantities of our Mexican Blankets, Baja Hoodies, Serapes, Serape Ponchos and other related products at our wholesale prices with the idea that you will attempt to sell as many units as possible. You will only be charged our super-low wholesale prices for those units that you sell. Simply return the remainder. guarantees that we will take back any products that you don’t sell, thereby eliminating the financial burden on your organization.

So, in short, you order product from us at our wholesale prices. You sell the products at retail and keep the profits for your organization. You only pay us the wholesale price for those units you sell.

Why not try a Mexican-themed Fundraising Event? These events are always fun for all ages and usually include such things as a Pinata for the kids. A piñata is a container often made of paper mache and colorfully decorated and filled with small toys and candy, and then broken apart, usually by blindfolded children, although adults are sometimes encouraged to participate. In addition to the Pinata, there can be Mariachi music or, if possible, a live Mariachi band. Hey, it’s just a thought. Perhaps, mi viejo amigo, you can think of something equally clever, si?